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Child support isn’t just something an ex-spouse provides because it’s nice or it’s the right thing to do. It’s the law. Sometimes parties try to hide income or assets to make it look like they have no means to support a child in their custody or that they cannot afford child support. At Smart, Schofield, Shorter, we know all about how people try to get around paying their fair share of child support in Salt Lake City. We will protect your child’s rights and protect you from an over-reaching former spouse who may be demanding more than their fair share of your income.

How judges calculate support

In Utah, child support generally lasts until the minor child reaches age 18 or graduates from high school during the child’s normal and expected year of graduation, whichever is later.

Child support is primarily based on both party’s gross monthly incomes.With those amounts and other information, child support is then determined using the tables set forth in the Utah Code. Click on to calculate monthly child support.

How can a lawyer help in child support cases?

If you are a custodial parent who is facing the challenge of collecting child support from your former spouse or your co-parent there are many ways in which a child support attorney can help you.

In some cases, when the parent who is obligated to pay child support makes significantly more income than they are reporting because they want to pay as little child support as they can get away with, your lawyer can investigate the individual and uncover hidden assets and income sources. They can evaluate any businesses, and double check compensation plans and income disclosures.

If you are a parent who has visitation with your child and who is obligated to pay your former spouse child support, a competent child support attorney can make sure that the amount of child support that you have been ordered to pay is fair given your financial circumstances.

Both parents are obligated to support a child financially until the age of 18. Over time as circumstances change in the child’s life, or in the lives of each co-parent, an attorney can help you if you would like to request a change or modification to the child support order.

Obligations and modifications

If within certain parameters or if the Divorce Decree states otherwise, either parent can file to raise or lower the child support obligation. If one party is not paying, the other parent can file an order with the court to enforce child support payments. If the party does not pay, the court can impose a judgment for the money owed or impose fines or jail time.

At Smart, Schofield, Shorter, we have helped countless families work through the difficulties that come along with divorce, child custody and child support. Our child support attorneys have the knowledge and experience to get you a fair settlement; we also have the sensitivity to support you through an emotionally challenging time in your life.

Call a Salt Lake City, Ogden or Provo child support attorney who can get you the support you need

Not all people feel it’s their duty as parents to help raise the children they brought into this world. Parties to a child custody or divorce proceeding have been known to hide assets in an attempt to pay less or get more in child support than is warranted. Contact us online or call 801-747-0647 for a free consultation about your case today.

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